All K-12 Schools In Winnipeg Will Move To Remote Learning From May 12 To May 30”.

New health orders were announced Sunday afternoon. These new orders are being labelled as a proactive decision around safety for school age children. ”All K-12 schools in Winnipeg will move to remote learning from May 12 to May 30”. Students whose parents/caregivers are deemed “ESSENTIAL SERVICE WORKERS (E.S.W.) will have the choice to remain in school learning. Due to the increase of “level of transmission” for school aged children, before and after school care will not be available for families who do not self-declare as E.S.W.

We are presently compiling a list of School age parents who self declares as E.S.W.  Please note, since we are working in collaboration with our community schools, if your child is NOT eligible to attend in school learning, your child will not be eligible for care at Discovery during the announced period. During this time, all parents’ regular fees will be applied, whether your child is attending for care or not. We are looking into options for crediting parent for those children who are not in attendance.

Who qualifies as a critical services worker?

Manitoba Education considers the following to be critical services workers:

• Health/Health Services Workers

• Kindergarten to Grade 12 Education Providers (all teachers, administrators, and support staff)

• Child Care Workers

• Law Enforcement

• Corrections Workers

• Fire and Paramedic First Responders

• Direct Social Services and Child Protection Workers

Additional critical services workers may include people who provide critical services to Manitobans, such as front-line natural resource workers, essential supply chain staff (e.g., truck drivers delivering food, medications and other essential goods; food industry staff working in food processing plants, etc.) gas station attendants, and grocery store staff. NOTE: Schools and school divisions may also use their discretion to accommodate high-risk students in order to mitigate serious concerns of disengagement.

We are requesting that ALL SA parents (including Kindergarten) Self declare as E.S.W. by sending an email to  no later than 12:00 noon Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Since the increased level of transmission has been for school age children, preschool care, including existing Nursery School programs will not be affected during this time.  Preschool siblings from families who have school age children who are not eligible to attend Discovery may attend providing there are NO household members with symptoms or household members who are self isolating and waiting for results.

If you have questions or concerns please contact Donna Freeman or Dana Gordon at or 204 889-2689.

Stay heathy and take care.

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