Car Break-in on Hampton St.

On December 13 between 4:45 – 5:00 pm a parent’s car, parked on Hampton Street was broken into and the thieves stole a purse which had been left inside.  It has been some years but, we have had experience with thieves targeting Child Care Centres.  They wait in hiding and watch for a female to exist a  car without a purse.  It seems to take them about 15 seconds to smash a window, grab a purse and climb into the get-away car that comes riding by to pick them up.  Please be sure to always bring your purse in with you, so you don’t become an easy target for these thieves.  Theft can often be a crime of opportunity so our behaviour can affect this aspect of crime.

Also, keep your eyes open for any suspicious behaviour and report this to the office.  In this way we can send the message that this is a neighbourhood that watches out for each other, which will hopefully encourage them to move on to somewhere else.

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