Celebrating Week Of The ECE April 26 – 30

The Week of the Early Childhood Educator was established by the Manitoba Child Care Association (MCCA) in 1992, following the release of the national Caring for a Living Study.  The celebration is intended to recognize the valuable work of those who “care for a living” by providing early childhood education, family support, and a service that contributes to the social and economic development of our province.   Week of the ECE has been proclaimed annually by the Minister of Family Services, Government of Manitoba.

This year, Discovery staff will be celebrating Week of the ECE April 26th to April 30th.   Due to COVID-19, with stricter health guidelines to follow, the way we celebrate will look different. Discovery’s Board of Directors have planned for some treats and each of our staff will be receiving a hoodie or jacket with a Discovery Logo.  

ECE week is a great opportunity for us to show our appreciation to the dedicated staff who care for our children each and every day. If you wish to send a special message to the staff, please email your message to dcc@discoverycc.com . Messages from parents and children will be posted for all staff to read. If you are planning on sending treats for the staff, we are accepting only store-bought items, that are individually wrapped.

Let’s all work together to show our staff how much we appreciate everything they do for our children and families.

Stay healthy and take care.

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