A friend of a staff (person X) reported that she witnessed a concerning incident on the corner of Silver and Berry.

Yesterday (August 22, 2016) at approximately 3:30 pm as person X was walking in front of the Massage College (across the street from Stevenson School) she saw two young girls (approximately 10 -12 years old) walking on Berry Street on the opposite side of Silver Ave. An adult man (wearing a skull mask) jumped out in front of the 2 girls and began hitting them. A car driving by also witnessed the incident; the driver jumped out of her car and yelled at the man. The man ran away.

This incident was not reported to the police by the eye witnesses.  Discovery did call the police today and they have requested that we inform the community and if we see anyone or anything out of the ordinary we call 911 immediately. The police will send out a car to investigate.


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