Emma Reads With A Friend

Emma Reads With A Friend

Emma, On our last in-service day it was quite busy in the rooms, with a variety of activities going on and a big breakfast being prepared. You had been helping Miss Cottrell in room 10 along with a few other children. There was a younger child in the room that wasn’t quite sure of what he wanted to participate in. You showed kindness and compassion when you offered to read him a story in the library. He happily accepted your offer. You read the story with him a few times and he even ‘read along’. I can tell that he was happy to have you reading to him. You showed great patience and had a soft, kind and nurturing tone of voice when you spoke to him and read with him.

I’m impressed that you had the intuition to know what he needed at that time and that you followed through on your instincts and took action. This shows that you have good leadership skills. This is how to build friendships with younger students and I can tell you love to teach them and talk with them. You showed confidence in your reading level and had a good amount of patience with the younger child. You even used different voices for different characters as you read together. I saw the way the younger child looked up to you and witnessed his facial expressions and giggles as the story unfolded. You are a great role model and your big sister skills definitely came into play today.

Over the past few years, I have seen your leadership qualities grow. You are a confident young lady and I feel that you would do very well working in a caring industry when you grow up. Either with young children or even with the elderly. I wonder who you will become…

Mrs. Carr


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