Important Parent Reminders

Reminder about SUBSIDY:

If you have not already sent in an application for subsidy, Discovery is urging you to complete the online application to receive up to a 3-billing period credit for childcare fees paid.

To apply, visit Discovery’s website ( and read Discovery’s March 28th BLOG. If you follow the link (under families) the online application is available. If you complete the eligibility estimator and it deems you not eligible, continue and complete your application. Once the Subsidy office receives all your information , they will send you a letter to indicate that you are either “eligible” or “not eligible” for subsidy. Simultaneously, Discovery will receive a different letter, instructing to provide the family with a credit for paid parent fees.

The estimated waiting period for parents to hear back from the Subsidy office is now about 2 weeks. If you have not heard back from subsidy, call the subsidy office (204 945-8195) to ensure your application is not missing any information because it can not be completed if there is missing information. Parents have reported that they did not receive a call from subsidy letting them know that their application was incomplete.

Reminder to use your KEY FOB for entry:

Please use your key fob for access to the building. If you have lost your key fob the office must be notified so that it can be deactivated. You can purchase another key fob (at the office) for $10.00.  If you have an alternate pick-up person who does not have a key fob, they must ring the doorbell and the receptionist will ask for a password. If you do not know the password, please check with the staff in your child’s classroom. (a new password will be shared in September 2022). Also, please remember that anyone picking up a child may be asked for photo ID, please ensure you have it available.

Feel free to contact the Centre Directors at if you have questions.

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