New Guidelines Create Changes At Discovery

Now that the (COVID-19) Early Learning and Child Care Practice Guidance guidelines have been revised we are planning for some moderate growth beginning Monday, July 6, 2020. Two weeks ago, our government’s plan to have Early Learning and Child Care Centres grow to normal occupancy, still has some strings attached (only 30 children per zone). The next growth on July 6th, we expect to have 30 children enrolled in each of our 3 zones with just the smaller number of 9 in our Infant zone.  That will take us up to 99 children. 

We have had several calls from parents who have been enquiring when there will be a space for their child to return for care. Changes to the number of children we are able to care for in our building are contingent on directives from Manitoba’s Chief Public Health Officer.

For parents who will be returning for care or who have already returned to Discovery, we will continue to screen parents daily. Please understand that the screening tool used is meant to protect all of our families and our staff and when we use this tool correctly, it is the number one way to ensure that we are keeping COVID-19 out of our building.

If you are a parent who has received a call asking to pick up your child from the Centre because they are showing symptoms, we thank you for your cooperation. Parents need to understand if your children are showing symptoms we will exercise judgment. Once again, to keep all children and staff safe we will error on the side of caution. Without hearing from a health expert (Family physician) symptoms can not be past on as allergies, Asthma, etc. you will be asked to pick up your child within 30 minutes of the call. You will be advised to take your child to your family physician or a walk-in clinic where the health professional can guide you appropriately. Staff will ask for the outcome of your doctor’s visit.

With the changes to the new guidelines, Discovery will begin offering snack again on July 6th. We have created a new snack menu which includes a minimum of three food groups each snack and a variety of baked goods which are all egg, nut, and dairy free. Due to the extended number of hours we are spending outdoors, milk will not be provided for lunch or snacks until further notice.

Finally, we would like to remind parents to minimize the number of persons dropping off and picking up their children from the Centre, we will expect that only one person is present.

Please be sure to check Discovery’s website for updates.

Stay healthy and take care.

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