Nutrition At Discovery

A few years ago, Discovery’s Board and a number of staff spent a couple of days developing a five year Strategic Plan. In working through this strategic plan, the group agreed one of the important goals to work towards is to enhance the quality of nutrition and health of children and families. For the month of November the staff will be putting some focus on health and nutrition with your children. By doing this, we hope to impact the quality of nutrition both at the Centre and at home. The staff will be talking with your children and we will be concentrating on different ways to help each other learn about healthy eating and good nutrition. The staff at Discovery have come up with a long list of ideas to share with parents. We are hoping that your children are having conversations with you and you with them about healthy eating habits.

If you have ideas that may help us focus on enhancing the quality of nutrition and health, please feel free to share them with your child’s classroom teachers. Some of our ideas;

  • Post daily healthy eating tips on parent white board
  • Posting nutrition facts
  • Put notes in children’s lunch bags about healthy lunch items
  • Make veggie chicken nuggets- share recipe with parents
  • Sharing Canada Food Guide (including the version for toddlers)
  • Avoid fad diets and health tips
  • Share information about “Body Shaming”
  • Share information about how sugar and salt affect the body
  • Recipe ideas for snacks and lunch
  • Introduce the idea of “litter less lunches”
  • Ask children what they do to be healthy
  • Share ideas about how families can prepare meals together
  • Resources for food banks


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