#support26K Walk - August 20th

We are inviting you to join the many Discovery staff and fellow Manitoban’s who will be participating in the awareness walk on August 20th at Assiniboine Park. The walk itself is only about 3 kilometers in length and is meant to draw attention to the petition that over 26,000 of us signed this past spring. The petition was a request to the government of Manitoba to increase the available funding to the child care sector to assist centers financially and help maintain the quality of care provided to the children of Manitoba. It has now been 3 years and 8 months since Not-For-Profit centres like Discovery have received any increase in funding from the province of Manitoba. This petition and walk are meant to bring this to both the governments and the public’s attention. Your support would be most appreciated. We will be gathering at the Lyric Theater (just behind the Pavilion around 6:00 pm to hear from a few speakers (all provincial political parties have been invited to send a representative to speak) and then commence our walk around 7:00 pm. If you are planning on attending please sign up on the sign up sheets in your child’s room as it is helpful to the organizers to have an idea of how folk will be attending. Quality child care matters to every child in care and your support can help build a stronger, bigger and better Child Care system in Manitoba.

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