Tick Checks Should Be Done Daily

Now that we are in wood tick season we are hearing a lot more about Lyme disease and what to watch for when you have found a wood tick. We are recommending that parents do a regular “tick check” on their child. If your child’s group has visited “the beyond” it will be even more important to check your child for wood ticks.

It is recommended that you dress your child in light clothing so it is easier to see the ticks. Long pants should be tucked into socks and insect repellent can be used.

Staff will check your child for ticks when returning from a “beyond field trip”. If a tick has been found, the staff will remove the tick (Tick removal- with tweezers pull straight up and disinfect) and place it into a bag. Information will be collected (date/time tick was removed and area of the body it was found on your child). Parents will be given the tick and an address to mail the tick for further testing.

Not all wood ticks carry Lyme disease. Deer ticks, also known as Black- legged ticks that carry Lyme disease may leave a “bulls eye rash”.

For additional information visit http://www.gov.mb.ca/health/publichealth/cdc/tickborne/about.html


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