Tornado Drill at Discovery - Today

Today we practiced moving to our indoor shelter-in-place area in case there was ever a Tornado.  We did allow two sleeping infants to stay in their beds as we knew this was a drill and not the real thing.  We squished everyone else into a hallway and bathroom in the School-age wing because that is where it is safest for us.  Mr Blatz reviewed a list of things the teachers needed to do in case it was the real thing.  We did all of this in an orderly and calm way.  We do notice any children displaying anxiety or concern about the drill, but please ask your children about it and do provide what comfort is needed if they are experiencing worries about Tornadoes. Tornadoes are the most likely serious weather condition we face here in the Prairies (in the summer time) so this is why we practice for it.

To avoid causing anxiety or fears in children we hold our shelter-in-place drills regarding intruders, at an evening staff meeting when there are no children on site.  Your children all responded very well to the situation.

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