Cash Raffle Update ($720 already sold)

  1.  A big thank-you to the 18 people who have already sold their ticket books and returned the stubs to the office.  BRAVO!
  2. Did you know that one of our parents bought several ticket books and put “School-age 1 Spa Day” on every ticket.  Guess who has a whole team of teachers rooting for her :-).  I think that is the first time I’ve seen something like this. #randomactsofkindness  – eh!
  3. If you are planning on donating $40 instead of selling your tickets, can we please encourage you to return you unsold ticket book to the office?  This will make it available for those who want to sell more than the one book they were originally given.  All but one of our books are now in the hands of parents and staff.

To all of you who will be with extended family at thanksgiving do give them a chance to support your child’s Centre by purchasing a ticket.  Thanks so very much.

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