Fundraising Campaign (Fall 2016) - Kicks Off Today!

As mentioned at our Annual General Meeting this past week, our twice a year fundraising campaigns are really important to Discovery.  With your help we can easily meet our fundraising goal of $6000.  If each family sells at least one book of tickets (or donates $40) we can meet this goal of $6000..  Many families find it easy to sell more than one book and this is encouraged.  Remember if you sell  a winning ticket you too will receive a $100 prize.

With our last fundraiser (Spring 2016) we failed to meet our goal so we want to emphasize how important it is that all families share in the responsibility of keeping our Not-For-Profit Centre well equipped, and not to assume that someone else will be taking care of it.

Details of the campaign will be available in a letter that you will receive with the tickets in your child’s room and can also be one the attachment to this blog. /content/images/wordpress/2016/09/Intro-Letter-.1610.jpg

For those of you who work at a desk or attend meetings as a part of your daily work, we have designed a folding sign that could be left on a meeting table or a desk and could help you sell the tickets without having to do a big sales pitch.  Let us know if this item helped you with ticket sales.  Here is a picture of how we think it could be used.










Our Parent Board (in the entrance) will keep you updated on this Fundraising Campaign.  Thanks so much for your help.  Tickets due back on October 17th.

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