Christmas Cheer Board & Gift Bags to Romania

The Board and Staff would like to invite you as a family to join us in supporting one of the following two charities this Christmas.

  1. Christmas Cheer Board – We have two boxes in our hallway where will happily collect any non-perishable food or gift items for the Christmas Cheer Board.  One in the link and one near the office.  Our Board of Directors will be delivering these items early so please have all your donations in the box by December 8th.
  2. Gift Bags to Romania – Since losing a staff (Doris Storey) to Romania 3 years ago, we have also been collecting money for the Christian missionary work she is doing in the poorest villages in Romania.  $10 will allow Doris and her co-workers to purchase all the items necessary to hand out a gift bag to a needy child in the villages around where they live.  These will be the only gifts most of these children will get this Christmas so you can be assured they will be cherished.  Our very own Karen McNabb (Preschool 1) also has plans to join Doris in Romania in the next few weeks.  Knowing that these gifts will be hand delivered by two of our wonderful staff, and that ongoing support and connections will carry on beyond the Christmas season makes it that much more personal for us.  If you would like to know a bit more about their work and give a donation on-line follow this link .  You may also drop off a cheque to Karen Baron in the office if this is more convenient for you.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness and support to the less needy.  Your generosity will fill the hearts and bellies of children both in Winnipeg and Romania.

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