Discovery Closes Two Full Days for Staff PD

The Manitoba government recognizes that a trained and well supported Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC) workforce is essential to provide high-quality early learning programs for children and families. To support this, the Minister of Education and Early Childhood learning is providing two annual PD days where facilities will close in the 2024 calendar year. Regular parent fees will apply for these closure days.

For the last few years Discovery has been scheduling early closures four times a year to allow for staff Professional Development (PD). This practice will now be modified.

We were scheduled to close early for our next staff PD on Friday, April 5, 2024. We will now remain open for regular hours of care for ALL programs on April 5.  And we will now close for a full day of staff PD on Friday, June 7th. There will be no care for ALL programs (including Flex) on this day. The next full day closure for staff PD will take place in the fall (date to be announced later).

Also, Discovery typically closes on Easter Monday. This year, Discovery will remain open on Monday April 1st (Easter Monday) and close a day in lieu of on Friday, December 27, 2024.

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