Discovery Expecting Changes To Current COVID Procedures

We are gradually returning to normal and this begins with the removal of public health orders. The success of the vaccination program, lower numbers of hospitalizations, and availability of treatment for those at higher risk of severe disease allows us to begin to cautiously resume activities and standard practices.


While public health orders are being lifted, we have to remember that we are in a time of transition. Children need this transition to support their mental, physical, and social development, and to promote overall mental health. Not everyone will be at the same comfort level as we proceed.

Balancing the risk of COVID-19, which continues to circulate, and resuming activities and standard practices for our overall well-being is needed.


Discovery is expecting to make some changes to current COVID procedure, by March 15th.  Changes to procedures will be communicated through blogs on Discovery’s website (  ). Once details are collected parents, visitors and staff can expect to hear more about;

·         Parents entering the building once again

·         The use of masks

·         Screening for symptoms

·         Testing for COVID and isolation





Update of Positive Cases Reported March 5 to March 11

·         There were no positive cases of COVID-19 reported to Discovery during this period of time

Screening for symptoms is important to identify any potential cases of COVID-19 as quickly as possible, before exposure to others. If the screening checklist has advised you not to enter the child care facility, please self isolate and call Health Links or go to the online screening tool located at: If you have questions feel free to contact management at


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