More Families Are Now Eligible For Financial Support Through The Child Care Subsidy Program

Through the Canada-Manitoba Canada-Wide ELCC Agreement, under the key priority area of affordability, an announcement was made that there would be an increase to the net household income thresholds for the Child Care Subsidy Program, increasing the number of eligible children. Under this agreement, the department recently increased the subsidy eligibility thresholds by 45% and is now working towards a financial assistance program that will support an average $10 out of pocket parent fee for families. This means that if your family has applied for subsidy in the past and they were not eligible, you may now be eligible.

For more information on the Canada-Wide ELCC Agreement and action plan, visit

The Child Care Subsidy Program provides provincial support to eligible families to help with the cost of care by reducing child care fees for children from the ages of 12 weeks to 12 years.

Your eligibility depends on various factors including:

  • Income
  • the number and age of your children
  • the number of days required for care
  • the reason for care

To check to see if your family is now eligible for subsidy, visit the Child Care Subsidy Estimator at: .

For more information about applying for child care subsidy;

Child Care Subsidy Program

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