Spring Cash Raffle Fundraiser

Discovery is a place where children learn through play and do that by connecting to nature in various ways.  The Board of Directors is made up of parents of Discovery children.  As parents, we appreciate all that the wonderful staff and facilities at Discovery offer our children as they grow and develop!  One of the things that makes Discovery so special is all the outdoor learning and playing opportunities afforded to our children – whether it is through everyday programming, gardening, outdoor challenges or the field and forest nursery school!  As they say, nature nurtures creativity😊

In the next week, Discovery will embark on our spring fundraiser – a cash raffle!  We are very excited to announce that this year all money raised will go to fund the next phase of Discovery’s Adventure Playground, providing even more opportunities for play and learning for our kids!       

The cash raffle is a great opportunity to support Discovery and every ticket is a chance to win the grand prize of $1000!  In a week the default parent (the one who receives the invoices) will receive an email from Administration at Discovery which is sent on behalf of the Board’s fundraising committee where you will have a unique link to share with family, friends and your social circle. While every ticket sold supports Discovery’s fundraising goal of $10,000, as a bonus the top three fundraisers will receive a seller’s prize of $100.

Please join us in making this fundraiser a HUGE success!


The Board of Directors

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