The Winnipeg Foundation approves grants to Discovery

We would like to give a great big thank-you to The Winnipeg Foundation for the most recent approvals of two separate grants.

Grant #1 – was for $3000 and will go towards Management training for Mrs. Gordon.  Mrs. Gordon has returned to University to upgrade her education to an ECE III level with the support and encouragement of Discovery.  Unfortunately our support is mostly of the non-financial variety and University Education is fairly expensive, so receiving this grant goes a long way to offsetting the costs.  Our request for this training support was to enable Discovery to prepare for the management changes that will come when Mr. Blatz retires. Although the timelines on this are still somewhat unclear, we as an organization want to be ready for it when it happens.

Grant #2 –  was for $20,000.  We had asked for more but are very pleased that this support is coming our way.  This money will be used to replace the leaking windows in one of our classrooms.  Thanks to this generous support from The Winnipeg Foundation, our rent increases in the future will very likely be significantly lower than they would need to be if we were unable to get outside help with the maintenance and repairs.

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